The Space Cadet Program

While we pride ourselves on our capacity to develop innovative strategies to build clear space for brands, we are also mindful of the Chinese proverb 'Talk does not cook rice'. In other words, no matter how good our strategies are, if they are not implemented there are of limited value.

In acknowledgement of this we have developed The Space Cadet Program. We source the brightest and best marketing students and/or graduates and place them in businesses as their casual, part or full time market managers. Rather than let them sink or swim, we work closely with them to develop and implement targeted marketing initiatives in a mentoring capacity.

It's a great win-win initiative. You get highly motivated and intelligent marketing managers backed by a structured mentoring program and they get meaningful paid work in their chosen area of expertise.

It is widely understood that focus and consistency are key fundamentals in successfully marketing any business. The Space Cadet Program is a most cost effective way to ensure that your marketing strategy is implemented in a consistently in a targeted manner.

Talk doesn't cook rice, so stop talking about the marketing you should be doing and start making it happen with the Space Cadet Program.

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